Track and Field events for this week

Upcoming events

USA cross country nationals, San Diego, January 18

Indoor championships of Westphalia, Dortmund, January 18

Wallonian indoor championships for athletes of 2003-2006, Louvain-la-Neuve, January 18

Indoor championships of Nordrhein, Leverkusen, January 18-19

IAAF cross country challenge, Sevilla, January 19

Belgian cross country tour, Hannut, January 19

Dutch cross country tour, Rolduc, January 19

Cross country, Berg en Dal, January 19

Greater Eindhoven cross country tour, Eersel, January 19

Limbra cross country tour, Helden, January 19

Cross country, Herentals, January 19

Cross country, Ieper, January 19

Cross country tour of central North Brabant, Rijen, January 19

Indoor meet, Dortmund, January 19

Half marathon, Posterholt, January 19

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