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Flanders cup, Lokeren, May 17

Flanders cup, Lier, May 23

IAAF B-tour, Stockholm, May 24

Flanders cup (Ifam), Oordegem, May 30


Flemish B-tour, Duffel, June 1

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, June 5

Flanders cup (Putbos), Oordegem, June 6

German nationals, Braunschweig, June 6-7

IAAF diamond league, Eugene, June 7

NCAA D1 outdoor nationals, Austin, June 10-13

IAAF diamond league, Oslo, June 11

Flemish B-tour, Downtown Ghent, June 13

IAAF diamond league, Paris, June 13

EAA premium meeting, Madrid, June 19

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, June 19

Wallonian track tour, Northern Brussels, June 20

Wallonian track tour, Nivelles, June 21

Dutch clubteam events for 35-plussers, several sites, June 21


EAA meeting, Naimette-Xhovémont, July 1

EAA meeting, Heusden-Zolder, July 4

Dutch A-tour, Hilversum, July 4

IAAF diamond league, London, July 4

IAAF world championhips for athletes of 2001-2002, Nairobi, July 7-12

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, July 10

IAAF diamond league, Monte Carlo, July 10

Flanders cup, Courtray, July 11

EAA European championships for athletes of 2003-2004, Rieti, July 16-19

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, July 17

Flanders cup, Ninove, July 18

Flemish B-tour, Ertvelde, July 20

Flemish B-tour, Mol, July 21

IAAF world championships for 35-plussers, Toronto, July 21-31

Flanders cup, Kessel-Lo, July 25


IAAF world championships for 35-plussers, Toronto, August 1 (final day)

Flanders cup, Huizingen, August 1

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 7

Flemish B-tour, Sint-Niklaas, August 8

IAAF diamond league, Gateshead, August 16

IAAF diamond league, Lausanne, August 20

Flanders cup, Merksem, August 22

EAA European championships, Paris, August 26-30

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 28

Flemish B-tour, Deinze, August 29


Dutch Open 10000 m, Leiden, early Fall

Dutch A-tour, Leiden, early Fall

IAAF diamond league, Brussels, September 4

10 miles race, Tilburg, September 6

IAAF diamond league, Zürich, September 11

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, September 18

10 miles race, Amsterdam-Zaandam, September 20

Dutch relay nationals, Amstelveen, September 26-27

Marathon, Berlin, September 27


Half marathon, Breda, October 4

10 km race, Utrecht, October 4

Marathon, Eindhoven, October 11

Marathon, Amsterdam, October 18

4 miles race, Haren-Groningen, October 18


Seven Hills race 15 km, Nimwegen, November 15

Dutch cross country tour, Western Tilburg, November 21-22


EAA European championships cross country, Dublin, December 13

Dutch cross country tour, Soest, December 31


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EAA European indoor championships for 35-plussers, Braga, January 10-17



IAAF world championships indoor, Nanjing, March 19-21

IAAF World championships cross country, Bathurst, March 20



Harry Schulting games, Vught, May 13




IOC/IAAF olympic games (track and field), Tokyo, July 30-August 8





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