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Jo Jeurissen, chairman of Achilles-Top Kerkrade, and retired editor of Limburgs Dagblad newspaper at Heerlen, is working on a four volume History of Track & Field in the Dutch province of Limburg.  The first two are already out:

                                  reviews/AthlHistLimburg001S.jpg (4039 bytes)                                                reviews/AthlHistLimburg002S.jpg (4858 bytes)

Volume 3 (1960-1975) will appear this Fall, volume 4 (1976-1990) stille before the Olympics at Sydney, where Limburg hopes to send Rens Blom, Marco Gielen, Sander Schutgens and Lotte Visschers to. Reviews of the first two volumes of the work of Jo Jeurissen are to follow soon.

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