Results of Track and Field events in 2022

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IAAF cross country tour, San Giorgio su Legnano, January 6

USA cross country nationals, San Diego, January 8

IAAF cross country tour, Elgoibar, January 9

Cross country tour of Belgian Limburg, Lanaken, January 9

IAAF road race 10 km, Valencia, January 9

Open indoor meet, Ghent, January 15

Wallonian indoor championships for athletes of 2005-2008, Louvain-la-Neuve, January 15

Cross country championships of West Flanders, Eernegem, January 16

Cross country championships of East Flanders, Maldegem, January 16

Cross country championships of Flemisch Brabant, Gooik, January 16

Cross country championships of Belgian Limburg, Lommel, January 16

IAAF indoor tour, Lyon, January 21

IAAF cross country tour, Dundonald, January 22

IAAF indoor tour, Manchester, January 22

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Alken, January 23

Cross country, Herentals, January 23

Flemish indoor championships for athletes of 2005-2008, Ghent, January 23

IAAF indoor tour (jumps only), Cottbus, January 26

IAAF indoor tour, Kladno, January 27

IAAF indoor tour, Karlsruhe, January 28

IAAF indoor tour, New York, January 29

Wallonian indoor championships, Louvain-la-Neuve, January 29

IAAF indoor tour, Luxemburg, January 29

IAAF cross country tour, San Vittore Olano, January 30

Cross country tour of Belgian Limburg, Saint-Trond, January 30

IAAF indoor tour, Nehvizdy, January 30

Flemish indoor championships, Ghent, January 30


IAAF indoor tour, Ostrava, February 3

IAAF indoor tour, Berlin, February 4

IAAF indoor tour, Miramas, February 4

IAAF indoor tour, New York, February 4-5

IAAF indoor tour, Hustopece, February 5

IAAF indoor tour (combined events), Tallinn, February 5-6

IAAF cross country tour, Rovereto, February 6

European cup cross country for clubteams, Oeiras, February 6

XC tour of central North Brabant, Dongen, February 6

ATH-Crosslauf, Stiphout, February 6

IAAF indoor tour, Trinec, February 8

IAAF indoor tour, Mondeville, February 9

IAAF indoor tour, Lodz, February 11

IAAF cross country tour, Eldoret, February 12

IAAF indoor tour, Boston, February 12

IAAF indoor tour, Dortmund, February 12

IAAF indoor tour, Metz, February 12

Belgian indoor nationals combined events, Ghent, February 12-13

Dutch indoor nationals combined events, Apeldoorn, February 12-13

Dutch indoor nationals for 35-plussers, Apeldoorn, February 12-13

Belgian cross country tour, Diest, February 13

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Valkenswaard, February 13

IAAF indoor tour, Val-de-Reuil, February 14

IAAF indoor tour, Banska Bystricá, February 15

IAAF indoor tour, Liévin, February 17

IAAF indoor tour, Birmingham, GB, February 19

IAAF indoor tour, Clermont-Ferrand (Aubière), February 19

Dutch indoor nationals for athletes of 2003-2006, Apeldoorn, February 19-20

Belgian indoor nationals for athletes of 2005-2008, Ghent, February 19-20

IAAF cross country tour, Hannut, February 20

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Lommel, February 20

Limbra XC tour, Milheeze, February 20

IAAF indoor tour, Düsseldorf, February 20

EMA European indoor championships for 35-plussers, Braga, February 20-27

IAAF indoor tour, Torún, February 22

Belgian indoor nationals, Louvain-la-Neuve, February 26

Dutch indoor nationals, Apeldoorn, February 26-27 ((.xls).zip)

German indoor nationals, Leipzig, February 26-27

IAAF cross country tour, Albufeira, February 27

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Tessenderlo, February 27


IAAF indoor tour, Madrid, March 2

IAAF indoor tour, Rouen, March 5

Belgian nationals cross country, Brussels, March 6

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Aalst, March 6

Limbra XC tour, Haelen, March 6

IAAF indoor tour, Belgrade, March 7

NCAA D1 indoor nationals, Birmingham, AL, March 11-12

Belgian indoor nationals for athletes of 2000-2004, Louvain-la-Neuve, March 12

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Eersel, March 13

Belgian XC nationals for 35-plussers, Poperinge, March 13

Marathon, Vaals-Maastricht, March 13

IAAF world championships indoor, Belgrade, March 18-20

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Best, March 20

Dutch Open half marathon, Nimwegen, March 20

Raleigh relays, Raleigh, March 24-25

Texas relays, Austin, March 24-26

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Oirschot, March 27

IAAF world championships half marathon, Jiangzhu, March 27


Florida relays, Gainesville, March 31-April 2

Stanford invitational, Stanford, April 1-2

UNM Spring invite, Albuquerque, April 7

Sun Angel classic, Tempe, April 7-9

Marathon, Rotterdam, April 10

Bryan Clay invitational, Azusa, April 13-15

Tom Jones memorial, Gainesville, April 15-16

Mount SAC relays, Walnut, April 15-16

Marathon, Boston, April 18

Don Kirby tailwind, Albuquerque, April 21

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, April 22

Marathon, Enschede, April 24

Drake relays, Des Moines, April 27-30

Penn relays, Philadelphia, April 28-30

Payton Jordan invitational, Stanford, April 29


Belgian B-tour, Herentals, May 1

Dutch B-tour, Lisse, May 7

ACC championships, Durham, NC, May 12-14

MAC championships, Kalamazoo, MI, May 12-14

SEC championships, Oxford, MS, May 12-14

IAAF diamond league, Doha, May 13

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, May 13

PAC12 championships, Eugene, May 13-15

Distance carnival, Portland, May 14

Half marathon and Dutch nationals 10 km, Venlo, May 15

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, May 20

IAAF diamond league, Birmingham, GB, May 21

Flanders cup, Lokeren, May 22

NCAA D1 Eastern championships, Bloomington, IN, May 25-28

NCAA D1 Western championships, Fayetteville, May 25-28

Dutch B-tour, Vught, May 26

Dutch nationals for 35-plussers, Harderwijk, May 27-29

IAAF diamond league, Eugene, May 28

Europe cup 10000 m, Pacé, May 28

Flanders cup (Ifam), Oordegem, May 28

Dutch B-tour, Nimwegen, May 28


Dutch B-tour, Barendrecht, June 1

Open meet, Eindhoven, June 3

Flanders cup (Putbos), Oordegem, June 4

Dutch nationals combined events for athletes of 2003-2006, Emmeloord, June 4-5

IAAF diamond league, Rabat, June 5

IAAF meeting, Rehlingen, June 5

IAAF world challenge, Hengelo, June 6

Dutch B-tour, Tilburg, June 6

NCAA D1 outdoor nationals, Eugene, June 8-11

IAAF diamond league, Rome, June 9

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, June 10

Dutch Open 10000 m, Leiden, June 11

Dutch track tour, Leiden, June 11

IAAF diamond league, Oslo, June 16

Dutch nationals for athletes of 2003-2006, SW Amsterdam, June 17-19

IAAF diamond league, Paris, June 16

EAP meeting, Nivelles, June 18

US nationals, Eugene, June 23-26

German nationals, Berlin, June 23-26

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, June 24

Dutch nationals, Apeldoorn, June 24-26

French nationals, Caen, June 24-26

Britsh nationals, Manchester, June 24-26

Belgian nationals, Ghent, June 24-26

EAA meeting, Naimette-Xhovémont, June 29

IAAF diamond league, Stockholm, June 30


Combined events, Best, July 1-3

EAA night of athletics, Heusden-Zolder, July 2

Dutch Open for disabled, Eindhoven, July 2

Flanders cup, Merksem, July 3

WMA World championships for 35-plussers, Tampere, June 29-July 7

EAA European championships for athletes of 2005-2006, Jerusalem, July 4-7

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, July 8

Flanders cup, Courtray, July 9

Flanders cup, Ninove, July 16

Flanders cup, Huizingen, July 23

Dutch B-tour, Eindhoven, July 23

IAAF world championships outdoor, Eugene, July 15-24

IAAF continental tour, Jyväskylä, July 26

IAAF continental tour, Söderhamn, July 26

IAAF continental tour, Gothenburg, July 30

Flanders cup, Lierre, July 30


British commonwealth games, Birmingham, July 27-August 7

IAAF world championships for athletes of 2003-2004, Cali, August 1-6

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 5

IAAF diamond league, Chorzöw, August 6

Flanders cup, Kessel-Lo, August 6

IAAF diamond league, Monte Carlo, August 10

Flemish B-tour, Ertvelde, August 13

EAA European championships outdoor, Munich, August 15-21

Distance series, 800 and 3000 m, Paffrath, August 18

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, August 19

Flemish B-tour, Mol, August 20

Distance series, 1000 and 5000 m, Paffrath, August 25

IAAF diamond league, Lausanne, August 26

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 26

World championships for disabled, Kobe, August 26-September 4

Dutch nationals for athletes of 2007-2008 (unofficial), Western Amsterdam, August 27-28


Distance series, 1500 and 10000 m, Paffrath, September 1

IAAF diamond league, Brussels, September 2

Flemish B-tour, Deinze, September 3

IAAF continental tour, Berlin, September 4

IAAF continental tour, Padova, September 4

Dutch nationals for athletes of 2009-2010 (unofficial), Western Amsterdam, September 4

IAAF continental tour, Budapest, September 6

IAAF diamond league, Zürich, September 7-8

IAAF continental tour, Zagreb, September 9-11

100 km, Winschoten, September 10

10 km, Brunssum, September 11

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, September 16

10 miles, Amsterdam-Zaandam, September 18

IAAF cross country tour, Lidingö, September 24

Marathon, Berlin, September 25

Half marathon, The Hague, September 25

10 miles, Tilburg, September 25




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